WHM (cPanel) Reseller Hosting

Star Non-Oversold Web Hosting
We pride ourselves on providing only the highest quality hosting, so we don't oversell space.
Domain Free Domain
Free domains are also available with all of our WHM reseller plans.
Email Unlimited Email Accounts
Every web hosting account includes the ability to set up unlimited accounts on your domain.
Tools Auto Installers
Fantastico allows users to install a range of scripts automatically in just a few clicks.
Backup Regular Backups
For peace of mind, we run remote backups on all hosting accounts at the end of every day.
Thumbs up High Quality UK Bandwidth
Hosted on the highest quality networks to give lighning fast download speeds (test me here!).

Our WHM (cPanel) reseller hosting plans

  Starter Standard Professional
Dedicated Space (MB) 20,000 40,000 100,000
Monthly Transfer (MB) 100,000 200,000 1,000,000
Hosting Accounts Unlimited
Free Domain
Yes Yes Yes
Price (Monthly, GBP) £20 £35 £60
14 day money back guarantee Yes
Extra Features
Fantastico (auto script installers) Yes << Included with all hosting accounts Yes
Instant activation Yes
Spam filtering Yes
Free web based mail Yes
Custom error pages Yes
Cron jobs Yes
Full statistics Yes
Daily offsite backups Yes
99.9% uptime Yes
Redundant DNS Yes

If you require a custom quote, then please get in touch here
and we will be happy to speak to you about your requirements.

All of our hosting plans include Fantastico auto-install scripts for a range of products, including forums, guest books, shopping carts, content management and more.

Hosting Features

Yes, that's right. We offer free domains with all reseller accounts to help you to get started. The following TLD's are included in this offer:
.com,.net,.org,.info,.name, .mobi,.co.uk,.org.uk,.me.uk

This is pretty much unique amongst web hosts. The space that you pay for is exactly what you get, we don't oversell space at all! Not overselling our space means that we can allow you to oversell yours, maximising YOUR profits!

We offer a huge amount of bandwidth and if you need more, then you can upgrade at any time!

You can create as many accounts as you like as long as you stay within your disk usage limit.

There is no contract period!

Reseller FAQ's

What is your contract period?
There is no contract period at all. You pay for each month in advance and you are under no obligation to continue. To cancel your account, simply log in to the billing area and cancel from there.

What content do you allow?
We allow all legal content including adult content, audio, video, gambling sites, or anything else as long as it is legal under UK and European law. We don't welcome spammers or any activities that can lead to our IP's being blacklisted.

Do you allow users to use their accounts for storage?
Yes we do. This is an advantage of offering dedicated space! Any host that doesn't allow you to use your account for storage is most likely overselling space.

Do you allow users to host MP3s?
As long as they are legal then you are welcome to host MP3s or any other audio format. Many hosts don't allow this due to overselling. Clients hosting large files expose oversellers for what they are!

What don't you allow on your servers?
We don't allow: Warez, Cracks, Hacks, IRC, Spammers, illegal porn or anything else illegal under UK and European law. Any sites found hosting such material may be suspended without notice to give the owner time to remove the content (if there is no response from the owner within 48 hours then the account will be terminated).

Do you back up data?
Yes. We make full backups on a daily basis in case of hardware failure. We do however advise customers to make their own backups as we cannot be held legally responsible for loss of data.

Why don't you offer unlimited space?
We don't offer unlimited space simply because this isn't possible - anyone offering unlimited space will be overselling by an infinite amount! Think about it like this:

If a host has a server with 250GB hard drive and hosts 50 'unlimited' accounts on that server, then each account gets just 5GB of space.

Do you have a test file?
Yes, here is a test file hosted on one of our servers http://uk1.5net.co.uk/100MBtest.zip - you will most likely be hosted on the same server as this file, and definitely on the same network so it is a good representation of the speed you will get.

How do I know your servers aren't overloaded?
Good question - there are a couple of things, first of all, we have live MRTG graphs on all servers which shows the bandwidth, CPU, load and memory usage as well as uptime and you can view server load etc from the WHM login.

Is your server secure?
Yes, we use a reputable server management company to fully secure all of our servers to ensure security and stability for our users.

Do you offer technical support?
Yes we have a 24/7 help desk so you can get in touch for help at any time. We don't offer support directly to your customers but if your customer does have any problems then you can contact us and copy/paste our response to them ;) We can deal directly with your customers for an extra fee (based on support requests per month).

Will the price ever increase?
No! This is not an introductory offer to reel people in, what you pay now is what you pay for the life of the account. If our prices do ever change, then it is only for new signups.

How long will it take to set up my account?
Account setup is instant upon payment clearing. When using Nochex or PayPal, this is usually within a minute, Google Checkout may take a few minutes. If you pay by cheque, postal order, cash or bank transfer then the funds need to be received and cleared before the account is set up.

Do I keep all the profits I make?
Yes! Your customers pay you directly. All you ever pay us is the £20 a month fee, we don't take any commission - you keep 100% of the profit you make.

Still unsure? You are more than welcome to contact us if you have any questions about our services or require a customised quote.

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